Film in London

Summer is here and the filmmakers from around the world are looking at London as their favourite location to shoot their next flick. Speak to us and see how you can get the best out of your budget. We have a vast knowledge and experience of film production in the UK and can help you save more than what you already know.

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21st Century Icon Awards

Another big awards night approaches and so does Genlock Films' another highly creative branded commercial. A whole day of filming took place in the Cinema Suite at Taj London where the likes of Amitabh Bachchan stay when in London. It is designed by acclaimed fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Best thing is that many of the people in front of the camera had no prior acting experience. Directed by our in-house creative head Amrit Basran and Produced by Sandip Patel of Genlock Films and Tarun Ghulati & Preeti Rana of Squared Watermelon. DOP Lucas Tucknott translated directer Amrit Basran's vision onto the reel and Rupal Patel as usual added her touches to the art department.  

Andy Serkis – Planet of the Apes

It is always good to shuffle through old pictures once in a while. You never know what you may find there. I found this one, Andy Serkis teaching my business partner/producer Sandip Patel some Ape gestures. Lol

Profit share vs Fee

It is quite common to offer the cast and crew a share in a film rather than paying their fees. It helps producers minimise the need for cash flow. Many crew members do turn this offer down but some, on the other hand, have made huge profits on the back of this.
Steven Spielberg was working on JAWS. It went heavily over budget but he needed more money to finish the film so, he agreed to forfeit his director’s fee in exchange for a percentage of the gross profits. The studio didn’t expect the movie to be a huge blockbuster, so they jumped on the offer. Jaws became a high earner and so did Steven Spielberg. After all those years, he is still collecting his cheques.

Another big example is Harrison Ford. He made huge profits from Star Wars. Now it is a norm for actors and directors to ask for a profit share.

James Cameron made over $350 million from a similar deal for doing Avatar.

King Kong gave Peter Jackson 20% of the gross against his 20 million dollar salary.

So it can be safely said that accepting a percentage against a fixed fee can be a great deal but the question is, do you have faith in your product?

Making of Cakebox

When you are too good at your job...

Each time we produce a commercial for a client, we want it to be a hit. Not only because we wish our clients to succeed but also because it is our creative baby and we want every baby of ours to be successful. Well, it feels good until you find out that you will not be making the next commercial for the same client for a while simply because you did a too good of a job on the first one.

We produced/directed a commercial for Cakebox some 2 years ago. At the time the client was already planning and discussing a series of commercials. They wanted to launch one commercial every 6 months. We even prepped on a few stories and shot breakdowns too.

Once the first commercial went on air, everything went on a radio silence. We were wondering why! 

Guess what! We recently found out that the commercial we produced had worked wonders for the company. Now they are thinking, "If it is working then why change it?" 

Here is a quick look at the making of the commercial.

Noor Releases

Director Sunhil Sippy's 'Noor' is releasing on the 21st April 2017. The story is based on Pakistani author Saba Imtiaz's novel Karachi, You're Killing Me! and follows a Pakistani journalist-writer Noor's misadventures and love life as she navigates her way through Mumbai. 

Genlock Films had the pleasure of line producing the UK shoot of the movie. We are thankful to Abundentia Entertainment, Vikram Malhotra, Shivaji Dasgupta, Mehjabeen and the whole team. Enjoy the movie at a cinema near you.


This latest advertisement for Cakebox directed by Amrit Basran, is a hundred percent local produce. Creative and logistics departments at Genlock Films engaged local actors and crew for making this commercial. We are happy to say that every member of the team gave their 100% in making this project a success. We look forward to working with the local talent on our future projects.

Katrina Kaif

Genlock Films had the pleasure of working with Bollywood hotty Katrina Kaif to produce this feel good factor commercial for Panasonic. She was a pleasure to work with and so was the rest of the team. Local young actors had their dreams come true when they ended up rubbing their shoulders with their dream girl.

Four Official Trailer

Kidnap your wife's lover. Take him to a remote warehouse. Hurt him a little. Sounds like a straight forward and safe plan right? Think again... Starring Martin Compston, Craig Conway, Sean Pertwee, Kierston Wareing.

All In Good Time

We produced this pop video trailer for this British Indian movie 'All In Good Time". Although it is always difficult to create some kind of story without giving away too much but it is fun working on Punjabi tunes and adding visuals from the movie.