Over the years, Genlock Films has provided production services & post production services to many filmmakers along with producing our own film & TV works. Our portfolio includes many high profile projects including Bend It Like Beckham & Slumdog Millionaire trailer productions. Speak to us and see what can do for you…

Line Production

As a line production company we can draft production budgets according to the Director’s vision and script requirements.

You can be rest assured that your production will be completed within agreed budget and time schedules barring any act of God.

Technical Crew

We can arrange for the top creative and technical crew (above & below the line) according to the project and the size of the budget. We have on our list experienced Cinematographers, Production designers, Focus pullers, Lighting Directors, Art Dept., Make up and hair artists, Costume designers, Editors etc.

Cast & Extras

The United Kingdom is a multicultural country with people originating from all parts of the world. This country offers an ethnically rich pool of actors, models and extras.

We have all the necessary contracts at hand that your production may need in order to hire these artists.

Production Equipment

Each project is unique and so is the requirement of equipment. You may want to shoot on the latest model of 35mm cameras, Red cameras or even the latest generation of DSLR cameras. Be rest assured that whatever the level of kit you may require, we can get you the best deals.

Transport & Catering

Transport and Catering services are as important for a film production as any other department. A reliable transport company, comfortable vehicles, on time drop off & pick up and good food can make a huge difference in the output of the production and that is exactly what we keep in mind while hiring transport and catering providers.


You should obtain insurance from your country of origin which covers you for filming in the UK or Genlock Films can facilitate. This may also help you access the UK Film Tax Credit. Please note that Location agreements and the insurance policy must be in the name of the same company.

We can arrange professional help.


We have a list of many hotels and guests houses that are based in different parts of the country. We can find suitable accommodation for above and below the line crew as requested by you.


We can also arrange security for key cast members of the movie if needed.