Huff! It's Too Much

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Our recent feature, 'Huff! It's Too Much' releases all over India on the 25th of October 2013.

  • The film is directed Pushkar Jog
  • Actors: Pushkar Jog, Armina Rana Khan
  • Producers: Sandip Patel and Gooesbumps Entertainment
  • Filmed at locations in London and UK
  • Songs Voiced by: Adnan Sami, Lucky Ali, Kunal Ganjawala, Salim (Salim-Suleman).

Genlock Films is a feature film company and we are keen to produce and co-produce projects with other companies as well as individual producers.



"It is a known fact that most of the films go over budget but thanks to Genlock Films, we finished our film under budget."

I would highly reccomend Genlock Films to anyone looking for a trust worthy and able line production company as well as using them again and again for my own productions."

M Ross ( producer)

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