Sandip Patel

Chairman – Producer, Genlock Films

team-sandip-patelHe is a naturally skilled team leader with over 20 years of industry experience in filmmaking from line producing, casting and location management to producing. Sandip started his media career in Gujarat, India as a marketing manager for one of the major newspapers but soon he realised that only the filmmaking was his first love. 

He setup an independent company to produce commercials and corporate documentaries. Since he has produced and line produced a large number of commercials, TV shows and Movies. His expertise in logistics and finance enabled him to ensure that each project completed on time and on budget.  


Huff! It’s Too Much (Hindi)
Life Goes On (English)
Sambar Salsa (English)
Four (English)
Ballygunge Court (Bengali)
The Tormented (English)
Weapon (English)
London Life (English)
& more…



FMU-Home office
Forced Marriage Unit
London Fire Dept.
Careers Advice
& more…


Aisa Des Hai Mera (Sahara)
Ghar Aaja Pardesi (Sony TV)
Cloud 9 (Zing TV)
Money Spinners (Star)
Zee Companion (Zee TV)
Zing Jukebox (Zee Music)
Time Bomb (Star Plus)
& more…