Making of Cakebox

When you are too good at your job…

Each time we produce a commercial for a client, we want it to be a hit. Not only because we wish our clients to succeed but also because it is our creative baby and we want every baby of ours to be successful. Well, it feels good until you find out that you will not be making the next commercial for the same client for a while simply because you did a too good of a job on the first one.

We produced/directed a commercial for Cakebox some 2 years ago. At the time the client was already planning and discussing a series of commercials. They wanted to launch one commercial every 6 months. We even prepped on a few stories and shot breakdowns too.

Once the first commercial went on air, everything went on a radio silence. We were wondering why! 

Guess what! We recently found out that the commercial we produced had worked wonders for the company. Now they are thinking, “If it is working then why change it?” 

Here is a quick look at the making of the commercial.