Genlock Post VFX Reel


It is amazing how most of us get too busy to find time to make our own show reel.  I was recently invited to an Acting Workshop to give some tips on how to succeed in this competitive industry. My speech emphasised on one thing and one thing only, ‘Self Marketing”.

While speaking, I realised that it was an amazing tip. This is what turned Rajesh Khanna into a Super Star. This is the trick that Sunil Shetty used to have producers and directors lining up to sign him. Self-marketing is what’s being used by so many people to become known as the “Experts” (without being one) then why have I not ever self-marketed our work?

I remember directing Shahrukh Khan’s very first UK based proper commercial. I did not even bother to brag about this in public only to realise that other people were using my work to market themselves and getting plenty of work.

Stealing is bad but not marketing your own work is worse.

So today it is our first attempt (show reel) to let the world know what Genlock Films is capable of doing.

Imagine what we can do for your brand, your film or anything else you may be dreaming of putting on film.